Friday, November 23, 2007

Let the Sun Shine In and the Chips Fall Where They May

Recently, the Corzine Administration found itself in court fighting GOP attempts to obtain documents Governor Corzine deems private, including e-mails between the Governor and labor leader Carla Katz as well as a taxpayer-financed study regarding “monetizing” the Turnpike. As someone who holds himself out to be a reformer and a champion of open government, Governor Corzine should end these legal battles and move on to governing the State of New Jersey.

The Administration should release to the public any and all emails with Ms. Katz that deal with the public's business. Mr. Corzine is the Governor of the State; Ms. Katz is a major labor leader in New Jersey who negotiates with his office. Governor Corzine apparently has provided Ms. Katz with millions of dollars during the course of their personal relationship and they both chose to use e-mail to communicate with each other. The public has a right to know whether Mr. Corzine and/or Ms. Katz abused their offices in the process. Any emails pertaining to the purely personal nature of their relationship should be withheld. If the GOP oversteps by attempting to obtain those emails, succeeds and releases them to the public, it is the GOP that will pay the price at the polls.

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Michael M. Shapiro, founder of, is an attorney who resides in New Providence, New Jersey. He currently serves as the Editor of The Alternative Press Contact Mike at