Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Why Commend Inclan?

During the recent trial of David Delle Donna, the Mayor of Guttenberg, New Jersey, one of Governor Corzine’s deputy chiefs of staff, Javier Inclan, testified that he passed envelopes from a bar owner to the Mayor, which he believed to be filled with illegal cash campaign contributions. The Mayor and his wife were convicted on extortion and tax-related charges after being charged with accepting $40,000 worth of illegal gifts from that bar owner.

Is Mr. Inclan being charged, fired, or demoted in some manner? No. Instead, the Governor publicly commended him and a day later, Mr. Inclan resigned, with his pension and benefits fully intact. Yes, you read me right. Rather than publicly admonish Mr. Inclan for his role in this political corruption, the Governor, through his spokesman, Lilo Stanton, stated, "The governor commends Javier his effort and he believes it takes courage to testify in this trial…Javier was testifying in the case for the prosecution against someone who was clearly a convicted felon.” While it may take courage to testify in this trial, should the Governor be commending his deputy chief of staff for doing what any citizen should be doing anyway? Given Mr. Inclan’s role in the whole affair, it would seem that testifying was the very least he could do to aid the prosecution.

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